Part-Time Assistant Professor

I am the Founding Principle Designer of House-Wear, a design studio and research lab that facilitates  socio-economic well being through participatory  research and design projects. The materials I use are sourced from regional farms in New York and I enlist local factories, guilds and cooperatives in the manufacturing of my company’s textiles. I have learned to navigate my position as “outsider” to “insider” within the farming and fiber communities in the Hudson Valley in order to productively design while at the same time, assisting these small businesses to grow. My research projects include the “Mobile Textile Lab”, a small mobile kitchen, workstation and research site used for the development and use of natural textile dyes that are harvested from the farm stands at the GrowNYC Farmers’ markets. I work with a diverse group of participants, including, farmers, crafters, greenmarket visitors and art/design students to create a link between the local food economy and textile production, drawing attention to the urban greenmarket as an important venue for both local farming and fiber producers.