“Social Sculpture is not objects or things but thought and experience. A social sculpture is how we mold and shape the world in which we live”. Josef Beuys

“Plants are the new form of sculpture”. Mel Chin

“Embedded neighboring is the new (social) sculpture.” Marion Wilson

“Community” has become such a complicate and overused word – in the case of my own University it so quickly used and is used to mean unintentionally or intentionally – other, out there, or the city. “People or artists that work with “the community”. What does that even mean if we break it down…. and why do we assume that it means something that we all understand. It is like a coded language.

I am glad that you are attempting to use it differently here as “communities of…” – which automatically implies multiple circles or interests, and you leave it undefined which is also important. We need to re-invigorate it with some meaning before it becomes obsolete.

Miwon Kwon writes really beautifully about this in her text “One Place After ANother – on Locational Identity.” Chapters 4 and 5 should be required reading I say!