Director Oaxifornia


Oax-i-fornia is an interdisciplinary academic project in its ninth year bringing together design and art students with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. The project’s goal is to create a collaborative space fueled by the notion of play as a generative force to produce first, poetic, conceptually-driven objects rooted in traditional techniques but engaging a contemporary world view; and second, a second set of intimately personal visual expressions of travel, and “the other” through pieces that are, ultimately, profound meditations on the “self.”

Oax-i-fornia provides an opportunity for both students and artisans to gain understanding of the larger world through the process of collaborative making. It also seeks to bridge the perceived “gap of difference” through the nurturing of a common space for creativity that is egalitarian in what it takes and leaves for each participant and that, through the practice of design, may create tangible and positive impact on the world.